Project Description

Fleet: 1
Aircon: Yes
Pressurised: Yes
Radar: Yes
Payload : 6 Passengers + bags or up to 800kg
Range: 600-1,000km
Speed: 205 kts (390km/h) at 18,000′

The Cessna C421 Golden Eagle is a neat, fast and comfortable VIP Charter aircraft. Pressurised up to 30,000′ and fitted with full anti-ice equipment it will cruise safely over or around the worst of the weather. Like all Cessna aircraft, the C421 Golden Eagle is subjected to a rigorous progressive nose-to-tail rebuild program ensuring it is maintained to the same standards as when it first left the factory floor.

The Golden Eagle seats up to 7 passengers with 15 kg of baggage each, and with this maximum payload has a range of about 650 km.

Our Golden Eagle is the boss’s sentimental favourite so it is equipped with brand new Garmin GPS Navigation, modern pilot displays and on-board weather radar.