Private Pilot Licence PPL

The Private Pilot Licence PPL allows you to fly almost anywhere in Australia, by day and in fair weather.

It is usually achieved in two steps – Basic training up to the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL), and then Cross-Country exercises up to the Private Licence Flight Test.

Basic Training is usually completed in the Grob G115.

Navigation training starts on the Grob G115, and you can move up to the Cessna C182 Skylane if you want to.

Of course, we are more than happy to train you in your own aeroplane (subject to some conditions of course) and chances are our experienced instructors already have hundreds of hours of experience in your aircraft type.
We don’t charge you extra, like most other schools do. Call us to find out more about BYO Aircraft training.

What do I need?

Min. Age:

  • You can start at just 15 YEARS OLD!
  • 16 to go Solo or pass the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) Test
  • 17 to hold a PPL

Medical: Class 2, or Drivers Licence Medical (Aviation) (subject to limitations).

Examinations: 2

Flight Hours:

  • 40 Minimum (45-50 is normal)
  • 20 hours solo flying
  • 2 hours Instrument flying

Learn to Fly – in Scone, Tamworth or Gunnedah

A Private Pilot Licence can be used for flying friends and family, flying yourself to meetings, Aerobatics, Warbirds.

We have the capability and expertise to add the extra qualifications you want on your licence – just call for more information.