FIFO Fly In Fly Out

Delivering – Safely – When it really matters

In our first year of FIFO operations Airspeed transported over 100 passengers per week with an on-time performance of over 95%.

Since 2014 our Charter dispatch relibility has been over 99%.

24 hour Operations Tracking and Support

Airspeed Aviation has 24-hour Ops Desk coverage in support of all our flight operations, with real-time flight tracking and constant phone/text/email support for our flight crew.  Our operations staff can respond quickly to changing circumstances and are available to contact the aircraft, even in flight, to respond to your businesses’ changing needs.

Logistical Support and Travel Management Personnel

Airspeed Aviation is able to offer the services of a travel coordinator for your business.  An Airspeed Travel Coordinator is an experienced management-level travel agent able to assess your travel needs and organise the best travel solution for your business, be it from Airspeed Aviation’s extensive and versatile fleet or resources from our extensive network of Aviation industry partners.

Our travel coordinator is available to take all the routine transport planning out of your hands, allowing you valuable time to concentrate on YOUR business.

Hazard Management Plan – Weather

Airspeed Aviation strives to deliver reliably and on time – but that doesn’t mean we compromise on operational safety.

To ensure we can get you there whenever possible – safely – Airspeed has developed a number of Hazardous weather management plans that allow us to respond to everything Mother Nature can throw at us.

In the last 9 years Airspeed Aviation has flown safely and legally in all manner of weather by strict adherence to these management plans.  The only weather that has affected us has been fog – which affects all aircraft equally – and two severe thunderstorm events, during which several towns suffered millions of dollars in damage and we elected to drive the passengers instead.

Our Safety Policy clearly states that Airspeed Aviation puts Safety before Schedule – You can rest assured that if our pilots say “YES”‘ it’s safe to go – and if they say “NO”, it really is for your safety.

Mining  Air Charter – FIFO Air Charter Specialists Custom Fly In Fly Out Solutions

Airspeed Aviation has proven itself as an innovator in small crew Fly In Fly Out charter services.

Airspeed flew over 4,000 hours of intense FIFO in 2011-15 with zero serious incidents and minimal delays.  We have handled small, regular jobs and several large projects including 130+ personnel per week for Longwall commissioning and relocations.

In 2012 alone we flew 7623 passengers on BARS compliant FIFO operations.

Airspeed is safety audited and approved by major mining companies and many mining service groups.  Our management have worked in underground mining and we have a unique insight into your work, your staff and your clientele.

Airspeed offers:

  • A large flexible fleet
  • A Pilot hiring policy of “No Clean Skins” and comprehensive competency-based staff training
  • Clear policies and guidance for your staff and your workers on how to organise your flights and how to keep yourself safe while flying.
  • With 20 years experience of Hunter Valley Air Charter, Airspeed is the Hunter’s largest Air Charter operator and the leader in FIFO services to mining service companies.