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Airspeed Aviation is a leader in the training of professional charter pilots and supporting them in their professional development.

Airspeed has embraced the airline philosophy of “Check and Training”, commencing with a 2-day induction program, flight training, simulator training, and a minimum of 3 weeks supervised flying on company operations.  The supervision program concludes with a flight test with a CASA Approved Testing Officer before the pilot is released to line operations.

The supervised flying program ensures that every pilot operates using the same carfully developed safety procedures and check processes.

Each pilot in the company is subject to 4 seperate proficiency checks every year, a mandatory standard for Airlines but adopted by Airspeed Aviation as Best Practice.

These standards are carfully monitored with random safety observation flights and formal flight checks conducted in each aircraft type the pilot is approved to operate.

Many charter companies use casual pilots and sub-contractors to add capacity to their skeleton staff.  Employed on minimum award wages these casual pilots are forced to work second jobs and work for other operators to make ends meet.

All of Airspeed Aviation’s pilots are employed Full Time by Airspeed Aviation, and paid above-award wages.

Strict adherance to this program, and the provision of additional training and support when required, is part of Airspeed’s success in developing and retaining highly trained and professional pilots.

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