Safety and Compliance Management

Airspeed Aviation draws from mining industry experience to drive our safety systems development.  We aim to make Airspeed Aviation the industry leader in proactive safety management.

The Airspeed Aviation Safety and Compliance program is founded on a strong culture of openness and safety.  Hazard reports and incidents reports are all lodged through an online management database, which also tracks pilot’s work hours, flight hours, retraining requirements, licence renewals and much more.

All Airspeed Aviation personel undergo a full company induction on joining the company.  The Induction focuses on the company’s safety program, human error minimisation, company rules and procedures, and the company’s expectation of Safety over Schedule.

All pilot applicants are screened for hazardous personality traits before recruitment in an effort to select personel predisposed to a culture of quality service and safety.

A comprehensive 4-week training program ensures even experienced pilots are extensively supervised and indoctrinated into company operating standards before operating as Captain.

Every pilot in the company is subjected to 6-monthly re-qualification on each aircraft they are appointed to operate, with a total of 4 proficiency checks per year per pilot.

Safety Observations, peer-to-peer observation and external audits are utilised to ensure both Management and Employees are complying with Airspeed Aviation’s high standards.

Airspeed Aviation has joined the Flight Safety Foundation program as an Aircraft Operator.  We were amongst the first operators in our class to embrace the BARs philosophy and have received listing as an operator.

Airspeed Aviation is an approved Charter operator for a number of NSW government agencies and leading mining companies.

Aircraft Upgrade Program

At Airspeed Aviation we believe in improving the safety of our aircraft – and providing the best-trained pilot with the best information displays available is our top priority.

By August 2012 all our aircraft had received a GPS upgrade to provide a moving map display and at the same time several aircraft had glass cockpit displays installed, delivering improved information displays, altitude alerting, navigation displays and much greater solid-state reliability.

In 2013 our aircraft were upgraded to feature weather radar data uplink, helping to eliminate the hazard presented by thunderstorms and lightning.

Aircraft Maintenance

Properly maintained aircraft are pivotal at Airspeed Aviation, and our maintenance program is proven by a dispatch reliability of 100% over 2014/2015 financial year.

Airspeed Aviation is the sole operator of all our aircraft and we have total control over the maintenance process and quality assurance.  No machine is perfect and all machines wear out, but our comprehensive program of inspections and preventative maintenance help ensure your flight not only departs safely, but arrives where and when it is suppose to.

All our maintenance is conducted at Maitland by Hunter Aerospace, an approved CASA licensed aircraft maintenance facility and engine overhaul workshop.