Private Jet Hire vs Turboprop Charter Flight


Some people are unsure about the difference between a jet and turboprop, so we have put together this guide to compare which is the most suitable option for your next air charter.

Turboprops have most of the attributes of a Jet but in some applications a turboprop is more fuel efficient and able to get into bush strips and Farm runways where a Jet can’t go.

Many clients who set out to hire a private jet will eventually end up booking a fast twin turboprop for their charter flight instead. Here’s why:


Twin Turboprop Jet
Safety High reliability from Gas Turbine Engine High reliability from Gas Turbine Engine
Price A turboprop will usually be a lower price –  propellers use less fuel for comparable thrust A jet will usually more expensive – Jet engines burn a LOT of fuel to go high, where they can burn a bit less.
Speed Our Cessna Conquest turboprop cruises at 295 knots (550km/h) between 24,000 and 35,000′.

Over medium distances (Newcastle-Melbourne is 450nm) that’s 1:40 and 900lbs of Jet fuel.

Small jets like the Citation CJ2 cruise at 360 knots (660km/h) at 30,000 to 40,000′.

Over the same distance the higher speed of the jet will save you TWELVE MINUTES and burn DOUBLE the jet fuel.

Comfort Our Cessna Conquest has 7 plush reclining leather seats in a “Club” configuration, privacy screens, hot water, Cold drinks, and folding tables for your laptop or notebook. Many small jets can only seat 4-6 passengers – and the interior in a Citation uses exactly the same components as our Conquest!
Versatility The Cessna Conquest can operate happily from Major airports such as Mascot (Kingsford Smith) or from Farm strips with just 1000m of grass or dirt. Jets generally require long runways over 1400m, at fully sealed airports.


The Verdict

We believe for flights of up to 800nm (1500km)  a turboprop is more ECONOMICAL and more EFFICIENT than a jet, making it the preferred choice for a private charter flight.

For longer flights the higher cost of the jet becomes more feasible due to more time spent at very high altitudes in cruise.