Project Description

Fleet: 2
Aircon: Yes
Radar: Yes
Payload : 9 Passengers + bags or up to 1,000kg
Range: 450-1,700km
Cruise Speed: 170 kts (320km/h)

The Cessna C404 Titan is the largest, most powerful and most complex piston twin ever built by Cessna. Designed as a small airliner, its rugged construction and exceptional lifting power makes it the best aircraft in its class.

The Titan seats 9 passengers with 10kg of baggage each, and with this maximum payload has a range of over 650 km.

All Cessna C404 Titan aircraft in the Airspeed Aviation fleet are equipped with full-capability GPS Navigation and on-board weather radar and have been upgraded to new TSO-146 GPS Navigation units giving the pilot state-of-the-art navigation and terrain avoidance assistance.

The freight capability of the Cessna C404 Titan is better than any other piston twin, with a cargo door big enough to fit a standard pallet. The Cessna C404 Titan is perfect for medium-size mining parts delivery and bulky freight.