Full-time instructors and experienced charter pilots

Our experienced Gunnedah pilot instructors help new pilots learn to fly for a Career, or for fun, by minimising the complexity and focussing on practicality.

Airspeed Aviation’s Gunnedah flying school is located at the Gunnedah Aero Club headquarters.

Our Gunnedah flying school is:

  • Full time
  • Staffed 5 days/week by professional Grade-2 instructors
  • CASA audited and inspected

Airspeed Aviation is proud to work closely with the Gunnedah Aero Club and their membership, training new pilots and Club members in the GAC’s Piper Archer and providing proficiency training in the member’s own aeroplanes. We are very proud of the strong links we have forged with the GAC membership and we are grateful for their ongoing support.

Quality assurance and certified maintenance

Airspeed Aviation’s flight training methods and systems meet CASA’s strict Part 142 standards, and are regulated by Safety and Quality management systems.

All our training aircraft are meticulously maintained to the manufacturer’s standards by Hunter Aerospace, aCASA-accredited BARS-standard maintenance facility. Our maintenance partners employ full-time CASA-licenced maintenance engineers to ensure the quality of the maintenance provided.

Our Gunnedah pilot licence courses include:

Private Pilot Licence
Advanced Pilot Training
Commercial Pilot Licence
UAV Operator PPL Theory

Our Scone Training fleet includes:

Grob G115
Cessna C182 Skylane
Beechcraft D55 Baron
Pressurisation Endorsements