Commercial Pilot Licence CPL

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is the starting point of your professional flying career.  You need a CPL to work as an Instructor, as a Charter Pilot, as an Airline Pilot and (generally) to do any paid work as a pilot.

Candidates with previous flying experience usually choose the 200 hour program, which allows credits for your hard-won hours.

Candidates with no prior experience usually choose the 150-hour integrated course, which is more intensive but less flexible.


Our promise to you: we will train you to the standard that WE demand of our own charter pilots. No shortcuts. No compromises. No “Bare passes”.

Graduates from Airspeed Aviation’s Commercial pilot program will be qualified for “entry level” positions in the General Aviation sector.

If you want to work as a pilot in Australia you will need the following:

  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Commercial Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplane)
  • Dangerous Goods Awareness

We will also ensure you hold all the qualifications that our charter pilots require, including:

  • Human Factors/CRM Certificate
  • Alcohol & Other Drug training
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Emergency Procedures¬†certificate
  • Pilot Maintenance Competencies

Now you’re REALLY ready for work!

To progress beyond this first rung and get on your way for an airline career, you should consider:

  • Multi-Engine Type Endorsements
  • Command Instrument Rating
  • Night Visual Rating